Professional FPGA and RF design, testing and manufacturing


About us

  • Moscow based, 100% privately owned, Radio-electronics R&D and manufacturing company, specializing in FPGA and and RF systems design, testing, manufacturing and support for Russian wireless telecommunications market (telecommunications repeater, two way radio: 400 MHz up to 6 Mb/s TDM and Ethernet, 4-38MHz with 78-155 Mb/s, TDM and Ethernet.

Euler Platform Parallel computing with OpenCL
  • Reconfigurable, scalable, energy efficient parallel computing accelerator on the cutting-edge FPGA contributes to the development of parallel processing tools and hardware.
  • The highest ratio of performance per watt of power (compared with CPU or GPU) due to the properties of the synthesized computational resources.
  • Easy adaptation of programmer-users (familiar C language syntax). Cross-platform code ability through the usage of open-standard OpenCL. Explicit implementation of parallel code execution on hardware, the transition to the paradigm of parallel processing. Ability to focus on the algorithm itself, rather than its hardware implementation.
  • Complete solution – fully supported hardware, software, application examples, technical training and technical support from qualified HW and SW engineers.

Please visit project webpage http://euler-project.com


System-on-Module (SoM) design 

  • System on Modules (SoM) based on high performance processor or FPGA which is flexible and versatile hardware platform for broad range of applications, significantly shorten design time cycle, reducing design risks and as a result helping launching new product into the market more rapidly.
  • The SoM board contains complete and comprehensive hardware support of the processor or FPGA. Hardware developers simply don't need to do complicated tasks in developing new product or application.
  • SoM allows to reduce design and economics risks in developing process and launching new processor based product. SoM brings flexibility in design and simplifies the whole system developing and prototyping.
  • System-on-module which based on technology cutting-edge high performance processors ARM+DSP, FPGA or FPGA+ARM combining with hardware graphic accelerations modules and rich of communications interfaces - highly effective for applications which require multimedia capability or real time signal processing.

SoM board